About Intech Telecom

Intech Telecom is a supplier of Business Telephone Systems which include the award winning Splicecom maximiser IP PBX system.

, Toshiba Strata CIX hybrid PABX system, Siemens Hi-Path business solution and least cost routing utilising the latest VoIP & SIP technologies.  Check out to get cash for your old gadgets from this website www.igadgetsrecycled.co.uk .

SIP Lines

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) enhances the benefits of VoIP by adding intelligence to business processes and providing end users with better control over how they communicate with each other. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) can support any form of real-time communication regardless of whether it is voice, video, instant messaging, or a collaboration application. Additionally SIP enables OCS (Microsoft Office Communications Server) presence and this application lets users inform other users of their status, their availability, and how they can be contacted before a communication session even begins.  More

MPLS Networks

Intech Telecom is a leading supplier of MPLS data networks. MPLS provides networks with a more efficient way to manage applications and move information between locations. With the convergence of voice, video and data applications, business networks face increasing traffic demands, MPLS network infrastructure is designed for pervasive deployment, in intensive voice and real time data environments.   More

Business mobile phones

Intech Mobiles offer business mobile phone tariffs from all of the major networks, we can tailor a package to meet your specific individual requirements, whether you are a sole trader or a large corporation. We can also supply the latest business mobile phone handsets from all of the leading manufacturers. InTech Mobiles can also cater for all of your data requirements, from mobile internet access to a complete BlackBerry Solution.  More

Business Line rentals

Intech Telecom is an independent company with multivendor relationships such as BT Wholesale, Cable & wireless, Daisy and Gamma. Therefore we ideally positioned to find the most competitive line rental tariffs based on your specific requirements. Far too often our highly trained sales consultants see clients who have two or three year old business line rental tariffs with their incumbent provider which have never been reviewed and are out of keeping with what your business requires.  More

Cheaper Business Call Charges

Intech Telecom is an independent company who are not constrained by any one network provider. Relationships with BT Wholesale, C&W, Daisy, Opal and Gamma ensure that Intech Telecom are ideally placed to provide end users with the correct solution for their needs.Therefore we are also ideally positioned to find the most competitive tariffs based on your specific pattern of usage giving you the most cost effective business telephone call charges and latest technology such as VoIP and SIP.   More

SpliceCom maximiser

Since the launch of their new version 3 system software in 2007SpliceCom have redefined their maximiser business telephone system with the introduction of 5100 series system hardware, redesigned softphone PCS 60 and launched at the 2008 Barcelona Grand Prix the new 500 series handsets. These changes ensure SpliceCom maximiser IP PBX remains at the forefront of telecommunications functionality and design, demonstrating further SpliceCom’s commitment to lead rather than follow in a fast changing market.  More

Toshiba Strata CIX Telephone System

Toshiba BCD has been a leading supplier of business telephone solutions in the UK since 1987. They provide communication solutions that deliver complete mobility of operations and ease of configuration. Offering best-in-class migration, quality and reliability and are dedicated to empowering businesses of all sizes and geographic spreads to do business the way they want to.  More

VoIP (Voice Over IP)

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) allows you to place calls and network systems over the internet, giving this technology the potential to redefine the world’s telecoms landscape and bringing about massive changes in the way we work and play. Currently Intech have many customers using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) for a variety of applications such as OCS (Microsoft Office Communications Server) empowering presence in the workplace and enhancing the way we are able to communicate with our colleagues.  More